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Oct. 10th, 2008 | 05:47 pm
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Aniem Convention Survey - Midnight_RogueX
~*Anime Convention Survey!*~ (stolen from sirnatchan)

Do you attend anime conventions?:
AS many as I can!

When did you begin going to them?:

How many have you been to so far?:
At least 10

Which ones were they?:
Comic Con, NDK, Anime Vegas, Fannatiku Fest (co-founder),  Anime LA,

Who do you go with?:
Um... my friends of course! -- occasionally my husband and daughter

Have you been to one outside your country?:
I wish. . . but not yet

Do you have to travel far to get to the ones you go to?:
All but the one I helped found, yes!

How far will you travel for an anime convention?:
 Denver and LA are about my spending limit

Do you cosplay?:

Do you cosplay at every convention you go to?:

What is your favorite one to do?:
Toss-up!  I wear Archbishop Maxwell all the time because he's comfy, but I adore being dressed as Renge and being asked to do her laugh!  It's the best!

Do your friends cosplay?:
yes they do, we are the "No Life Kings" (or "Basket of Otaku" depending on which personality is dominant at the time ;P )

Do you attend panels?:
at least one a Con.... whenever the lines aren't too terrifying or my squealy fan-girl-ness gets the best of me.

Have you ever hosted a panel?:
Yes I have!

Do you attend the raves?:
No. . . not really for me.

Do you actually dance?:
Yes.  I can even ballroom dance if I have a partner that can too.

Do you dance with random people?:
Not usually because I'm with a ton of friends most of the time.

Do you attend the masquerade?:
Yes, but usually cause I'm in it.

Have you ever been in a masquerade skit?:
Yes, 6 of them!

Do you go to the dealers room?:

Do you buy anything?:
Usually plushies for my daughter and Gundam stuff for my husband.  I get myself Ouran stuff and manga when I can.

Do you go to artist alley?:
Of Course!

Do you buy anything?:
My pocketbook weeps everytime I enter there.

Do you make new friends at cons?:
Some of the best friends I will ever have I met or became close to because of cons and cosplay!

Who are your closest friends you've met at a con?:
Tenshi, Amy and Danny, Mizu, Sir_Integra, Rane. . . on and on!

Have you ever staffed at a con?:
Yes (Fannatiku Fest)

Have you ever gotten in a fight at a con?:
That would be stupid.

Have you gotten into a relationship with someone you met at a con?:
Nope, I was married before I started attending cons.  But I luvs him anyway!

Have you made out at a con?:

Have you had sex at a con?:
Not unless my husband is with me (and we're alone in a hotel room).

Do you do fanservice?:

Are you a crazy, raging fanboy or fangirl?:
Only when shojo sparkles are involved

Do you act shy or wild at cons?:
I'm usually the mom figure, unfortunately.

What is your favorite thing about cons?:

What is your least favorite thing about cons?:
paying for them and unruly crowds that make me feel old.

How many cons do you go to a year?:
2 - 3 usually.  I went to 5 this year.

How long do you think you will be attending cons?:
As long as I possible can!  I've even corrupted my 5-year-old into anime and cosplay! Mwhahaha!

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Comments {3}

From: anonymous
Date: Dec. 29th, 2008 07:26 am (UTC)

Ahh ha! I finally found you! neat page! This is Danielle from Cosplay Zone (um the Tamaki from 2008 cosplay Zone and the Dark Mousy from Cosplay Zone 2007.) I just wanted to drop in and say HI, I'm already looking forward to anime vegas 09 just because of you guys!!

We'll be in Vegas over new years weekend for some voice recording stuff - i'm both excited and afraid to be in vegas that weekend!! Well see you soon I hope and best of luck, I pray your husbend is doing better!

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From: hostclubgirl
Date: Dec. 29th, 2008 11:14 pm (UTC)

Yay! You found me! I've been looking for you, too! (You're just better at it I guess.)

Vegas during New Years. . . good luck with that! You should contact Tenshi (Heather from the Masq) and let her know you will be in town. She's on my friends list!

I am sssooooooo looking forward to Anime Vegas this year! My group isn't competing in the masq en masse, but some of us will be competing singly or in pairs. After "Trinity Blood" last year (and competing at Comicon) I decided that I need a year off. Whew! Our group will be doing an informal Fushigi Yugi gathering, though! I get to be Miaka, and we have most of the Suzaku warriors.

What does Cosplay Zone have in the works? I look forward to seeing you and your group every year! Any plans?

Speaking of plans. . . if you think you might be in the Southern Utah area (yeah right) toward the end of March, Natchan and I are sponsoring a tiny convention called "Fannatiku Fest" on March 28th, 2009. -- the last Saturday in March-- Jerry Jewell will be there as well as another voice actor, and we're trying to get a j-pop singer from Japan, too. We have a masquerade, too. . . it's nothing major, not even 1/3 the size of Vegas, but I would LOVE it if you and/or any of the others could come! The info should be up on our website (animefannatiku.com) sometime in the near future.

Besides Vegas, what other cons are you attending? Maybe we can find each other at another con, too! That would rock!

I am so happy to hear from you! Yay!


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