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Life after Fannatiku Fest

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Mar. 12th, 2010 | 01:26 pm
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music: Versailles

(Reposted from my DA account)

I LIIIIIVVVVEEEEE! For a while there, I didn't think I would ever crawl out of my bed. I was so tired after Fannatiku Fest that Sunday never happened in my world. . . except for a really yummy brunch with my friends before they left for places far away.

I hope everyone had a good time at the con. It's the first time Nat and I have attempted a 2-day convention. . . I hope no one got bored or let down by what we had to offer.

Our Cosplay Guests, Otaku Engine, were fantastic! They sprung skits on us when we least expected them! Yuuko was constantly taking over the stage and stealing all the limelight. (In all the best ways!) They were a blast to hang out with! I got to meet some new members of their group, too. I hope I didn't scare them off! (Mwahahaha!) *cough* I mean, it was great meeting and spending time with you!

Our GoH's, Patrick Seitz and Carrie Savage, were so much fun! They were always happy to be around the fans, answered everyone's questions, had TONS of funny stories to share, and gave some super-fantastic advice to all! They liked their Thank You gifts, which made me happy since I had a hand in making them.

We had some fantastic cosplayers at our tiny convention. Besides the Otaku Engine (who are always jaw-dropping amazing to behold), the cosplay group, Penguins of the Round Table were great! Tatsue was cosplaying Klaha from the band Malice Mizer in his "Gardenia" costume. . . and I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't the actual singer standing before me in 7 1/2" platform boots! (She won "Best in Show" in our Masquerade, and TOTALLY deserved it!) There were Vocaloid, Hetalia, and Kuroshitsuji cosplayers, and Takarazuka was well represented too! I couldn't believe the variety that appeared at Fannatiku! Being the Cosplay Coordinator, you can imagine my glee!

But now it's done for the year. (Sigh of relief and regret) I get a few months off to get ready for other cons, then its back to planning for Fannatiku Fest 2011! It will be our 5th anniversary, and to celebrate, we are attempting to bring a JRock band over from Japan to perform for us! It will be awesome if we can just scrounge up enough money to pay for it all!

*Wish us Luck!*

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