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Back from NDK!

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Sep. 16th, 2008 | 05:47 pm
location: Hurricane, UT
mood: sleepy sleepy
music: Prince Caspian OST

I had a great time at NDK!!!

Nan Desu Kan is a convention in Denver, CO. . . where the grass is green instead of burnt brown, and the streets all have the same name!  So easy to get lost!  Anyway -- Nat, Sarah C. and I flew there together and stayed with Rane in her apartment so housing was free.  That took a huge bite out of expenses.  (The only reason I could go at all is because my friends pooled their funds together and purchased my plane ticket as my birthday and Christmas present.)  The flights were smooth and there were no panic attacks as far as luggage or nearly-missed planes were concerned.

The con wasn't huge by any means, but that was a good thing!  Comiccon was more than enough for me this year.  There were cosplayers everywhere!  You couldn't move 10 feet without stumbling into someone else in an awesome costume!  I also got hugged more at NDK than at any other con I've attended. . . but they were all nice enough to ask first.  Kudos to the Colorado fan boys and girls!  The artists alley was amazing!  It was placed in a beautiful atrium.  There was lots of room to move around, but tons of talented artists booths to gawk at, too!  The dealers room wasn't amazing, (there were NO D.Gray-man Rose Crosses to be found anywhere!) but  I had a good time browsing, nonetheless.  Unfortunately, the booth with the best selection of "stuff" was OUTRAGEOUSLY priced!  $35 for an anime handkerchief?  $25 for a mouse pad?  Get real!

I think I took a bazillion pictures.  Like I said, cosplayers were coming out of the woodwork.  And then there were the photo shoots, too.  Talk about manic photographer!  Click, click, click, click!  I'm trying to get the pics up in my photobucket by the end of the week, but it all depends on my work schedule.  My group did not participate in the Masquerade this time around.  NDK has weird masq judging rules, and we just didn't want the stress.  My friend GarnetRuneStar entered her Yuko costume (the same one she wore at Anime Vegas) and won 2 awards: 1st place Master Craftmanship and Best in Show Overall.  I'm so pleased!  Her costume is AMAZING!  She completely deserved what she won!  YAY!

It was great to visit Rane.  She's moving to Ohio this week, and I'm not sure when in the near future I'm going to be able to see her again.  She took us all over Denver, showing us her favorite sites and places to eat.  (Prairie Dog Heaven was so cute!)  We found an absolutely wonderful Japanese place with food that was divine!  It wasn't too expensive, either.  The miso soup was the best I've ever had! 

It was nice to just laze around all weekend.  Finally, a con where I don't have any mad dash sewing to do right beforehand.  I think I'm looking forward to not competing at Anime Vegas next year.  I'm still going to sew a costume for it, but since I'm not going to be judged, I won't have to stress so much.  Maybe I can hang out with Tenshi more this time!  YAY!  I don't plan on just sitting around at AV '09, but I'm ready for a change of pace.

Now I just have to work on Fannatiku Fest.  (Sigh)

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