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Manga Librarian

Bet you can't read just one!

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I'm a big fan of manga and anime, especially Shojo -- like Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, W Juliet, From Far Away, Meru Puri, Vampire Knight and Backstage Prince. But don't get me wrong, I enjoy other things, too! My family tops the chart, followed by cosplay, sewing, acting and other threater passions, playing the piano and singing. I love to read novels, too! Anything by Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey and most of David Eddings works rock my socks. I like watching giant robot anime with my husband and daughter, especially anything Gundam, RahXaphon, and Escaflowne. My three-year old little girl can name every gundam ever animated. That's more than I can do!

I'm a librarian with a Batchelor's in Theater and History from Southern Utah University. I sewed costumes professionally for a few years before deciding that I would rather just do it for fun with my cosplay group, "The No Life Kings." (We've even won a few cosplay awards from the Anime Vegas cosplay competition.)

Yup, that's me in a nutshell.